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Wedding Photos: Emily & Dan, Riviera Maya @ Palace Resorts

16 Mar Posted by chimpsy in Uncategorized | Comments Off
Wedding Photos: Emily & Dan, Riviera Maya @ Palace Resorts

I think the last time I had this hard of a time editing my favorite shots from a wedding was when I shot the Russian’s in Brooklyn NY

Emily and Dan are the best people I could ever imagine working with.  I’m really thankful for the opportunity to have traveled with them to Mexico to shoot their wedding.  I spent 3 days shooting and stayed a couple extra just to chill out.  It’s been a crazy year, so I felt I should take advantage of that opportunity.  Turns out the shooting part was really great, too.  Dan and Emily gave me their complete trust, always something I hope for from every wedding I shoot.

First, let’s meet the couple! (this was taken during the Trash the Dress Session!)

But now we’ll rewind all the way to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner!  Not a bad place to be…

I think someone already has butterflies.

The two best men did Rock Paper Scissors to determine who gets to be next to Dan during the ceremony…

Paper wins over Rock.  You’d think he just won a million bucks!

Some scenic shots of the place..

Time for a rehearsal dinner!

I got to unleash my inner food photographer

Meet the uncle.  Also meet the affable officiant.

Double fisting!

30 second exposure!

Father of Groom and Father of Bride

The wedding party opens their gifts – wonder what it could be!?!?

Money clips!

And the girls got some sweet handbags.

OK  [insert sleep here], it’s time for the wedding!

STILL butterflies…


Keep yourself together, Dan!

I don’t know if I approve of the dress for this these guests.  I am still trying to figure out who’s side of the family they are on!

Um excuse, me but that’s MY job!

Their first kiss!  (Sorry about the watermark on this one)

I don’t normally do the jumping shot, but they were good jumpers!

I make portraits of everyone in the wedding party…

Grooms sister says she has had ENOUGH (yeah right!)


It’s the MOB (Mother of the Bride)  Time for a little celebration at the reception!

Let’s see, I think I see a Corona, a mai tai, and a few other Mexican cocktails!

Someone walked right through a window during cocktail hour and had to leave to get some stitches, but for sake of anonymity I won’t tell you who it was.  You’ll have to guess.

Uh, yes?  Question in the back?

He said it!  Not me!  ;)

That’s all she wrote for now.   Check out the next post for some Trashing of the dress!